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Special features:

  • Highest In-Class capacity
  • Auto Shut off for Safe Usage
  • New-Fast action Bulb
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Futuristic design

Tata Swach Silver Boost comes with highest water storage capacity of 27 Litres. Its Silver Nanotechnology and MF membrane technology protects your family from waterborne disease causing harmful Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts, Protozoa, Algae, Fungi, Rust, Metal Particles, Giardia and Turbidity. No electricity required.

Special features:

  • Highest storage capacity 27 Litres#

  • Provides safety from Bacteria, Viruses and Cysts*

  • New-Fast action Bulb

  • No Harmful Chemicals

  • Futuristic design

  • High-Quality, 2 Way Dispenser Tap

  • Attractive colour options Aqua Blue and Fresh Green

  • Auto-shut off mechanism – with Tata Swach Fuse

  • No chlorine, no bromine, no iodine used

  • No running water required

  • Warranty: 6 months on product

  • No electricity required
*TATA Swach Silver Boost meets the Log Reduction Value (LRV) for bacteria, viruses & cysts as per USEPA Guideline; Conditions apply.
# 13 Litre top container raw water storage + 14 Litre bottom container Purified water storage capacity.

Tata Swach Silver Boost: Upper storage container has a maximum capacity of 13 litres and Lower storage container has a maximum capacity of 14 litres.

The Tata Swach Bulb has capacity to purify up to 3000 litres of drinking water. The product meets the LRV norms as per USEPA guidelines. The Tata Swach Bulb has been tested at laboratories at a temperature of 25+/- 2 degree Celsius, in moderate humidity conditions. Purification capacity depends on input water quality. For long lasting and effective Tata Swach Bulb usage, water from municipality supply or wells or bore wells will yield best performance.

Tata Swach Silver Nanotech Water Purifier purifies upto 4 to 5 litres of drinking water per hour. However, the rate could be lesser or higher depending on the quality of the input water. A reduction in flow rate may be due to an air trap. Remove, clean and replace bottom mesh to continue normal flow rate.

a) First of all, check the Tata Swach fuse. If the top red indicator touches or is near to the bottom red indicator, it is time to change to a new Tata Swach Bulb. 
b) Otherwise, follow these steps: Please note that your Tata Swach Bulb is densely compacted with purification media comprising of activated silica coated with silver nanoparticles. While the dense compacting aids water purification, it may, over time, result in air getting trapped inside it, reducing, or even completely stopping the flow. Water will therefore flow through the Tata Swach Bulb as soon as the trapped air has been released. Following are the methods of releasing trapped air: 
1. Remove the bottom mesh, as this would allow the trapped air to escape. 
2. Drain out water from the lower container. 
3. Fill the upper container completely with water to create the highest possible pressure head to help release the trapped air. 
4. Gently tap the upper container. This would also allow trapped air to escape. 
5. Wait for 25-30 mins. 
6. Water should now start to come down in the lower container. 
7. You can now fit the bottom mesh back to the bulb. Ensure that the bottom mesh is clean and it is fitted loosely to the bulb. (An unclean or an overly tight-fitted Tata Swach Bulb increase the possibility of air entrapment). 
In case the problem persists, please call the toll free number 1800-2-585858

In case there is a breakage of any component, please call up the Tata Swach toll free helpline 1800-2-585858. They will advise you on the nearest Tata Swach outlet. You can easily get a fresh component. However, since the plastic components are not covered under warranty, the replacement/s would be chargeable.

Tata Swach Silver Nanotech Water Purifier can make water free from harmful bacteria and viruses. However, it does not remove dissolved solids or brackishness/saltiness from water. In case you put brackish water into your Tata Swach Silver Nanotech Water Purifier, the output water would be microbiologically safe, but there will be no change in taste. It may be noted that putting salty water consistently in the Tata Swach Nanotech Water Purifier may also cause the Tata Swach bulb to choke before its designated end-of-life.

1.The Tata Swach Bulb is widely available across many outlets. Please visit the nearest Tata Swach Nanotech Water Purifier retailer or the shop from where you had purchased your Tata Swach Nanotech Water Purifier.  2.You can call Tata Swach Toll Free Helpline 1800-2-585858.  3.You can also visit www.tataswach.com and buy the Tata Swach Bulb online. The replacement unit contains one unit of Tata Swach Bulb along with the Top Mesh. It is advisable to have a spare Tata Swach Bulb at home at all times.

The Tata Swach Fuse is an additional safety feature to indicate the purifying power left in the TATA Swach bulb. In case the red indicator in the Tata Swach Fuse has reached the lowermost point it is time to change to a new Tata Swach Bulb, whether or not the water flow stops.

The Tata Swach Bulb has 2 compartments and the technology is such that water flows from the outer compartment into the inner compartment. Purified water then comes out from the inner compartment and through the bottom mesh to the lower chamber. All purification of the water happens in the inner compartment which cannot be seen from the outside. These visible particles (black or white or brown) in the output compartment or lower container may sometimes be visible if the unit is shaken or due to wrong handling. There is, however, no cause for worry, as these particles are completely natural and are derived from paddy husk.

The tap will come in repeated contact with hands, bottles, glasses, etc. You should ensure that as a result of these contacts, the tap does not get contaminated with germs. Regularly clean and disinfect it with a diluted disinfectant such as bleach, hypochlorite (50 ppm available chlorine) solution, then discard the first 2-3 litres of purified water that flow out of the tap.

This is a normal occurrence in case of temperature differences. However, it does not impact the quality of drinking water from your Tata Swach

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