Bulb-White-3000 ltrs

Instead of Tata Swach Bulb 3000 litres, you can buy the upgraded Tata Swach Cartridge 6000 Litres.

Special features:

Tata Swach® Bulb™ destroys harmful bacteria and viruses.

    • 3000 Liter purification capacity*
    • Tata Swach® Bulb™ works on patented TSRF™ technology
    • The TSRF technology is based on path-breaking nanotechnology
    • The technology removes harmful bacteria and viruses from water and makes it safe to drink
    • Its performance capabilities have been tested across reputed laboratories in India, the UK and Netherlands
    • Unavailable- Instead of Tata Swach Bulb 3000 litres, you buy the upgraded Tata Swach Cartridge 6000 Litres.


Free Top Mesh worth Rs.75, which removes all visible impurities and makes water clean and clear with Bulb White 3000 ltrs.
Note: This top mesh fits only in Cristella Plus and Smart variants only.

*TATA Swach Bulb meets the Log Reduction Value (LRV) meets for bacteria & viruses as per USEPA Guideline; Conditions apply.

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