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Special features:

Tata Swach Desire +TM

  • First of its kind in the world - i.e. a gravity driven desktop ultra filtration

  • Lowest cost, 10 paise per litre #

  • Gives life up to 6000 litres *

  • Up to 1.5 years of cartridge life **

  • Can work at wide range of pH (5.5 - 9.0) and TDS (up to 1500 ppm)

  • Anti-biofouling - better life and less frequent need for intervention

  • High flow rate of 4 to 5 litres per hour

  • Scratch resistant sturdy body

  • Direct tap fill option available

  • Capacity: 27 liters

  • Warranty: 6 months on product
*TATA Swach Desire + meets the Log Reduction Value (LRV) for bacteria, viruses & cysts as per USEPA Guideline; Conditions apply.
**Considering consumption of 10 Litres Water by a family of 5 members per day.
# Based on the cartridge cost (MRP Rs. 600) of each.

Tata Swach Desire +: Upper storage container has a maximum capacity of 13 litres and Lower storage container has a maximum capacity of 14 litres.

The Tata Swach Bulb has capacity to purify up to 6000 litres of drinking water. . Purification capacity depends on input water quality& usage condition od water. One should ideally put normaldrinking water such as water from municipality supply or wells or bore wells will yield best performance of tata swach.

The water in upper container should be filled up to top level of the top mesh. Do not fill any water in upper container if the lower container is full.

Tata Swach Desire +Water Purifier purifies upto 4 to 5 litres of drinking water per hour. However, the rate could be lesser or higher depending on the quality of the input water.

It may happen if the tata swach cartriage accumulates too much contaminates inside.if no or very less water flows from the cartriage outlet,please carefully remove the cartriage from ther upper container & perform backflush process properly as mentioned page no 6. The back flush will remove the accumulated contaminates & allow the input water to flow of the cartriage.

Once tata swach cartriage tends to reach its end of life, the water flow from the cartriage oulet will decreases gradually. The output flow rate will not improve significantly even after proper bachflushing & water flow may stop frequently from cartriage outlet.

In case there is a breakage of any component, please call up the Tata Swach toll free helpline 1800-2-585858. They will advise you on the nearest Tata Swach outlet. You can easily get a fresh component. However, since the plastic components are not covered under warranty, the replacement/s would be chargeable.

When you use tata swach cartriage first time,the cartriage is virtually dry & it takes a little longer time to purify water.we recommended that cartriage be dipped in clean water for 15 mins.once the cartriage becomes wet,the flow rates shall increase. if still output flow is slow then remove the cartriage from upper container & pour clean water inside the cartriage.roll the cartriage between the palms of both the hands.if still the flow is slow,try back flushing several times.

No, Do not pour hot water in Tata swach Desire +. Ideally input water should have temp within 10 C to 45 C

Tata Swach Desire + Water Purifier can make water free from harmful bacteria and viruses & cysts. However, it does not remove dissolved solids or brackishness/saltiness from water. In case you put brackish water into your Tata Swach Desire + Water Purifier, the output water would be microbiologically safe, but there will be no change in taste. It may be noted that putting salty water consistently in the Tata swach Desire + Water Purifier may also cause the Tata Swach cartriage

The Tata Swach Cartriage is widely available across many outlets. Please visit the nearest Tata Swach Desire + Water Purifier retailer or the shop from where you had purchased your Tata Swach Desire + Water Purifier. You can call Tata Swach Toll Free Helpline 1800-2-585858. You can also visit www.tataswach.com and buy the Tata Swach cartriage online.

The tap will come in repeated contact with hands, bottles, glasses, etc. You should ensure that as a result of these contacts, the tap does not get contaminated with germs. Regularly clean and disinfect it with a diluted disinfectant such as bleach, hypochlorite (50 ppm available chlorine) solution, then discard the first 2-3 litres of purified water that flow out of the tap.

This is a normal occurrence in case of temperature differences. However, it does not impact the quality of drinking water from your Tata Swach

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