Instasip Bottle Purifier

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Pure and Safe drinking water instantly:

  • The Tata Swach Instasip Water Purifier purifies water up to 1000 litres **
  • Recommended life: 1 year
  • Protects against bacteria & cysts*
  • Reduces plastic waste of nearly 1000 one-litre bottles
  • Purifier capacity 650 ml

How to Use:

1. In order to get safe drinking water, discard the first complete fill by squeezing the Tata Swach Instasip Instant Purifier.

2. Refill the Tata Swach Instasip Instant Purifier with water, gently squeeze it, and start enjoying purified drinking water anytime and anywhere.

**under standard conditions: Turbidity: <1NTU; pH: 8.5; Temperature: 4.2℃ and TDS: 1542 + As per usage of 1000 one litre bottles to consume 1000 litres of water
*TATA Swach Instasip meets the Log Reduction Value (LRV) for bacteria & Cysts as per USEPA  Guideline; Conditions apply.

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